Rare Large Georgian High Karat Gold Emerald Cross Pendant (Item #V-cross)


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Intricate and rare high karat gold (greater than 18K) Georgian crown and cross pendant with emeralds, circa 1800s. It measures about 1 1/2" across and 2 1/2" long. An openwork crown-shaped bale with 3 faceted emeralds suspends an openwork cross with emeralds of various shapes, colors, and sizes. The emeralds are not matched in color and are not top quality (common in this type of jewelry). The backs of the crown and the cross are beautifully hand decorated with tiny details. The gold is quite thick, and consequently, the piece is fairly heavy (13g on postal scale). It is not marked for gold content, but was acid tested to be greater than 18K (20K or 22K). There are some old lead solder repairs on the back of the crown which cannot be seen when worn. The repair could be cleaned up, but I didn't bother since it is not visible from the front. It is in very good condition.

Jewelry from the Georgian period is very rare as much of it did not survive intact. Similar Georgian cross pendants are pictured on page 28 of Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Edition, by Christie Romero.

Additional photos: View on palm, Tilted side view, Back view showing engraved details, Close up of lead solder repair on back.

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