European Art Nouveau Gold Citrine Floral Pin by H(?) Jackson (Item #AN-jackson)


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Lovely yellow gold art nouveau citrine brooch with applied floral designs, signed H (the H may be a B or R) JACKSON, circa 1910. The design of the pin is such that it could be worn upside down, and it would look fine (as shown in the photo above). I am uncertain of its origin, but I think the pin is European (perhaps Belgium or France) rather than American due to the unusual hallmark. This piece is definitely gold (at least 9K, but probably 14K). It measures 7/8" x 1 1/2" in size, and is fairly weighty for its size. It features a 6-sided shield shaped faceted orange colored citrine flanked by intricately detailed flowers and leaves on both sides. The flowers and leaves are applied on the front (they are not stamped from behind. They are not symmetric, and look hand-chased. The safety clasp (and possibly pinstem) on the reverse appear to be replaced. The reverse is marked: H (this initial might be R or B) JACKSON along with a hallmark that looks like a running rabbit (see additional photos). There are some light surface scratches from age, but nothing noticeable when worn. This is a high quality piece in very good condition.

Additional photos: Side view, Back view, Marks.

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