Four Art Nouveau Stickpins with Stones (Item #AN-asstsp)

$15.00 each or $50.00 for all

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Four assorted vintage Art Nouveau stickpins with stones. These are old, and are not reproductions. None are marked. I will describe them from left to right. The stickpins did not come with "clutches", but these can be bought from jewelry supply shops. Overall, they are in very good to excellent condition, and any notable imperfections are described below.

The first (left-most) is 2 5/8" long, and has a high-domed, bezel-set, cabochon stone that looks like a moonstone in an octagonal frame with oxidized background. The top looks like silver, and the pin stem looks like brass.

The second is approximately 3" long, and has an orange colored glass stone that is cabochon cut on top and faceted in the back. The facets can be seen from the front through the stone. There is a small chip to the bottom of the stone near a notch in the bezel that is not obvious. The setting and pinstem looks like brass.

The third is 2 5/8" long, and has a green and white bezel-set marbled glass cabochon. The top has a gold-colored wash with a matte finish. The piece looks like it is made of brass.

The fourth (right-most) is 3" long, and has a high-domed amber-colored (light orange) bezel-set cabochon stone in a setting that looks like brass.

Additional photos: Full front view, Back view.

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