1950s Sterling Mod Oxidized Boomerang Earrings with Pearls (Item #PM-boomerang)


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Great pair of handwrought American post-war modernist earrings by an unknown maker, very similar to designs by Ed Wiener. Each earring features an abstract boomerang-shaped design with a recessed channel in which is set a small cultured pearl which contrasts nicely with the black oxidation. If you look closely at the earrings side by side, one is slightly longer than the other (they are handwrought), but this is not noticeable when the earrings are worn. The screwbacks on the backs may be replacements as there is a slight bit of green oxidation near the bases where they attach to the earring backs, and also on the backs of the ear screws. Earrings have not been cleaned, and they retain a nice mellow patina.

Additional photos: Front view, Side view.

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