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I specialize in high quality antique jewelry and collectibles, particularly from the Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Post-War Modernist, and Victorian periods. This is just a sample from my collection - please email me with any special requests. Click the small images for more details.

To inquire or purchase, please contact Please reference item numbers. Prices shown do not include shipping, which is via insured Priority Mail (US buyers) or insured Parcel Post (international).

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Post-War Modernist (Page 2)
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Item #PM-perlianchor. Gorgeous blue and white matte cloisonne enamel anchor pendant, most likely by Perli Werkstatte (Germany). $125.00
Item #PM-enamorchid. Large studio enameled orchid necklace with handwrought Sterling silver chain. $90.00
Item #PM-enamring. Lovely white metal (chrome?) modernistic enamel ring with concave disks. $30.00
Item #PM-hilu. Elegant abstract Sterling pearl brooch and earrings set by HILU, similar to work by Ron Pearson. $125.00
Item #PM-bryan. Lovely Sterling silver modernist blue enamel earrings by John Bryan (Ashville, NC). $35.00
Item #PM-figear. Nice modernistic Sterling figural screwback earrings reminiscent of work by Ed Levin. $25.00
Item #PM-modanimal. Wonderful abstract Sterling "animal" brooch which can be worn multiple ways. American studio piece. $125.00
Item #PM-modpin. Cool abstract Sterling mod brooch with oxidized background and coiled center element, probably American. The design is that of a weaving boat shuttle. $45.00
Item #PM-modjear. Cool Sterling mod dimensional abstract "saxophone" earrings. $35.00
Item #PM-blueenampin. Heavy abstract Sterling brooch with blue marbled enamel. $25.00
Item #PM-modscot. Sterling Scottish modernist brooch with reddish brown tiger's eye stone. $25.00
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