Deco Hematite, Rock Crystal, & Coral Pin by Theodor Fahrner (Item #AD-tfmulti)


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Fabulous, quintessential Art Deco brooch with marcasites and *three!* types of stones (hematite, rock crystal, and coral) by German maker, Theodor Fahrner. This is a prime piece by Germany's most famous (and most collected) jewelry designer. It measures 1/2" x 2", and is about 3/16" thick. The design is very elaborate with nice details like the marcasite "arches" on the ends. There are 5 custom cut stones with smooth tops which are arched from top to bottom. There are two silver gray hematites, two frosted rock crystals, and a coral in the center. The marcasites are all present except perhaps 1 is missing its top, and several are chipped from wear (difficult to see without a loupe, and not noticable when worn). I don't think it's worth replacing them, but it is relatively cheap to do so if desired. The back is marked on an applied plate: Fahrner hallmark (TF in circle - mark is poorly struck and is sideways compared to the GERMANY mark), GERMANY, STERLING. There is a T-bar hinge, and the same unusual clasp that is on nearly all of my deco Fahrner pieces from this period. I have not seen this clasp on anything other than Fahrner jewelry - it's a safety clasp with a fat "C" style catch after it. I have also seen this Fahrner pin in another color scheme (just black and white). This is a stunning Fahrner deco piece in very good to excellent condition.

The firm of Theodor Fahrner made jewelry in Germany from approximately 1900 to 1970. Jewelry made during the early years of the company's existence is particularly desirable. There is an excellent book devoted to Theodor Fahrner Jewelry that is a must for any Fahrner collector, and there are several photos of deco marcasite pieces on pages 190-196. Examples with multiple colored stones are generally more desirable (and more beautiful) than others with only one type of stone with the marcasites. Other examples of Fahrner jewelry can also be found in many reference books such as the "Warman's Jewelry" series by Christie Romero and "Art Nouveau Jewelry" by Vivienne Becker.

Additional photos: Back view, Side view.

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