Geometric Art Deco Sterling Amazonite & Marcasite Bar Pin by Theodor Fahrner (Item #AD-tfdecoamazpin)


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Quintessential Art Deco 935 silver brooch with amazonite and marcasites by Theodor Fahrner, circa late 1920s. It measures 2 5/16" long and 1/4" tall, and features an strong geometric design with two semi-circular amazonite stones on opposite ends of the brooch with marcasites in between. There is what looks like a gilded or rhodium (?) finish to the silver above and below the marcasites that exhibits some wear/loss as shown in the photo. The reverse has a T-bar hinge and the unusual extended safety clasp often found on Fahrner deco brooches. It is signed: ORIGINAL FAHRNER (in octagon, like the mark for item 2.134 shown on page 262 of the Fahrner book), 935 (a higher grade of silver than Sterling which is 925). The pin stem is also marked: STERLING and a mark that looks like a partial K, but perhaps is some kind of import control mark. The piece is in very good, original condition, and is extremely well made.

Theodor Fahrner is Germany's best known jewelry manufacturer, and is highly collectible. Examples can be found in many books, especially the fabulous book devoted to Fahrner jewelry, Theodor Fahrner Jewelry... Between Avant Garde and Tradition. Deco Fahrner jewelry is particularly desirable, and this is a great example of Fahrner's 1920s marcasite jewelry shown on pages 193-196 of the Fahrner book.

Additional photos: Side view, Back view, Marks.

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