Art Deco 18K White Gold Diamond Ring (Item #AD-dia18k)


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Gorgeous, wearable American Art Deco 18K white gold ring with 9 diamonds, circa 1920. Measures 7/8" long, and ring size about 4 1/2 to 5. The geometric setting is very detailed with a pierced, millegrained (raised dot design on edges), and engraved design. As seen from the side view, there is some filigree work on the side to raise the top of the ring off the finger. This ring has very slight curvature from top to bottom and is not curved from side to side (unlike other similar rings which are sharply curved - to save filigree work). The design is dimensional as the center of the ring is raised slightly higher than the sides. There are 9 diamonds in the design, with the largest in the center (I'm guessing about 15-20 points). No missing or damaged stones. The setting is in remarkable condition with very little wear. Ring shank is round and in good shape with slight thinning in the back (nothing to worry about, see back view). Excellent condition, and extremely well made. Marked 18K-G on the inside.

Additional photos: Back view.

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