Art Deco Sterling Amethyst Stick Pin from Germany (Item #AD-amethsp)


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Simply beautiful German art deco Sterling silver stick pin with amethyst. The stone was hard to photograph - it is very lively in person. The Germans are well known for excellent stone cutting. Total length of stick pin is 2 3/8". Amethyst is about 3/8" wide x 1/2" long, and is 1/4" deep (see photo)! The intricate bezel around the stone is a nice touch - there is a saw tooth pattern along the top edge and rectangular cutouts along the side. The pin is original and has the words "STERLING GERMANY" partially struck along the side (see side view photo). I have not cleaned the piece, and the silver has some light tarnish from age. Very good to excellent condition - the stone has some tiny chips that are only visible under magnification (one at a facet junction and one on the cutlet are all that I can detect).

Additional photos: Side view with marks, Full length view.

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