English A&C Sterling Blue Green Enamel Leaf Pin by John Baker Bennett (Item #AC-jbb)


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This is a rare and gorgeouse art nouveau or arts & crafts (depending on who you ask) Sterling silver enamel pin by John Baker Bennett & Co (the Bennett of Murrle Bennett & Co), probably retailed by Liberty & Co of London, circa 1910. It is a thick, high quality silver brooch featuring various shades of blue, green, and yellow irridescent enamel. The design is a pair of leaves with vines integrated to form the border of the pin. It reminds me of Jessie King's designs. The brooch measures 1 3/8" across, and 3/4" from top to bottom. The enamel is in very good original condition - the only apology is a tiny "scratch" of slight enamel loss about 1/16" long near the border of the left leaf in the photo. It is not noticable at all (see additional photo). The back has the original T-bar hinge and C-clasp, and is signed: JBB&Co, SILVER. The piece is in excellent condition, and is extremely well made. It is equal in quality to similar brooches made by Murrle Bennett, William Haseler, and Liberty.

Murrle Bennett & Co was an Anglo-German firm founded by Ernst Murrle (German) and J. B. Bennett (English) which produced high quality silver and gold jewelry of their own design, as well as others, such as Archibald Knox. John Baker Bennett is the Bennett of Murrle Bennett & Co. Pieces marked by John Baker Bennett are very difficult to find, and this piece is equal in quality to the Murrle Bennett silver and enamel brooches and pendants I have owned.

Additional photos: Back view with mark, Close up of slight enamel loss.

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