Bronze Brooch with Intricate Sterling Overlay by Heintz (Item #AC-heintzsmpin)


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Small, nice Arts & Crafts bronze pin with Sterling silver overlay by Heintz Art Metal Shop (Buffalo, NY), circa 1910. Measures 9/16" x 7/8" (please note the size), and features an intricate geometric design. Like all Heintz jewelry, it is not signed (originally, it would have been sold on a paper card with the Heintz logo). The bronze retains its beautiful original dark brown patina on the front (see color next to penny). There is loss to the patina on the back where it may have been cleaned (presumably by someone looking for marks). The sterling overlay has some tiny nicks from age. On the whole, the piece is in excellent, original condition.

The Heintz Art Metal Studio of Buffalo, NY, was well known for producing lovely Arts and Crafts jewelry and metalware in bronze with sterling silver overlay designs. Other jewelry by Heintz (including a pin of similar size and design) is shown on pages 80 and 91 of Warman's Jewelry 1st Edition and page 82 of Warman's Jewelry 2nd Edition, both by Christie Romero.

Additional photos: Back view, Front view on my palm (for coloring).

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