Large A&C Acid Etched Nickel Silver Pin by Carence Crafters (Item #AC-carencepin)


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This is a nice and rare American arts & crafts pin with floral acid etched design by Carence Crafters (Chicago, IL). The brooch is fairly large, and measures approximately 1 7/8" x 2 3/16", and has an acid-etched design of four flowers connected to a single flower below. Portions of the design are hammered out from behind for emphasis and to add dimensionality. The metal is probably nickel silver, and has a nice patina from age. There are some regions where the black oxidation has worn, plus a 1/4" long spot along the border (around 5:00) where there is some discoloration (possibly rust?), all of which is visible in the photo. On the reverse, it is signed with the Carence Crafters logo (interlocking C's in a square), which can be seen in the additional photo. Overall, the piece is in very good original condition, and is a great example of American Arts & Crafts jewelry. Similar jewelry was produced by the Forest Craft Guild and George W. Frost.

Jewelry by Carence Crafters is rare and highly collectible, particularly larger pieces like this brooch. The company was only in business for a short period of time (~10 years or less). Additional examples of Carence jewelry and metalware can be seen at the Chicago Silver website, and the 1910 Metal website (Carence page 1 & Carence page 2) . Other fine examples of Carence Crafters jewelry are pictured in the Warman's Jewelry book series by Christie Romero.

Additional photos: Back view with mark.

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