Handwrought Arts & Crafts Hammered Silver Bracelet with Matrix Opals (Item #AC-opalbrac)


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Gorgeous American (?) A&C handwrought silver link bracelet with 4 matrix opals, circa 1910. Measures 7" around, and largest opal is approximately 3/8" wide. Great attention to detail in the design. The opals are different sizes, and each is set into a custom sized bezel. Between each opal and its neighbor (or clasp) are 2 rows of links, each link containing 3 small rectangular elements which are hammered and slightly curved. The rectangular clasp is hammered on the top and bottom, and the tongue (gold colored) fits securely into the clasp. In addition, there is a safety chain attached. The opals are fairly smooth on the surface (like tumbled rocks), except for one opal that has chips on the top which exposes some of the whitish matrix underneath. Since there are areas of dark brown matrix evident in all 4 opals, the chipped opal is not very offensive. It is difficult to photograph opals, but the stones have flashes of green, blue, and red depending on how the light hits them (please see additional photos). The metal is unmarked, but is definitely silver and probably Sterling. It has developed a nice rich patina over the years. Despite the chipped stone, the bracelet is in very good original condition. This is likely a one of a kind piece that someone spent a lot of time making.

Additional photos: View on wrist, Close up of opals, View of bracelet opened, Back view.

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