English 9ct Gold Liberty Style Turquoise & Pearl Bracelet (Item #AC-turqbrac)


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Gorgeous English 9K gold arts & crafts link bracelet with large colorful matrix turquoises and natural pearls, circa 1910. Measures approximately 8" around, and consists of 4 turquoises and 4 pearls separated by paperclip chain links. The turquoises are approximately 1/2" wide, and the pearls are approximately 5/16" wide. One turquoise has a small hole (see photos), and one pearl is slightly more dull than the others. Neither of these is noticeable, and the turquoise can be worn such that the hole does not show. Liberty and Murrle Bennett made jewelry of similar design that was not marked, and this may be one of those pieces. The bracelet can be shortened by a jeweler to accomodate smaller wrists. Gold is unmarked, but has been tested to be at least 9ct.

Additional photos: View with hole in turquoise pointed out, Close up of hole in turquoise.

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